Grip6 Belt Australia Combo Pack Premium Copper Forged Carbon Fibre Husband Men Boyfriend Gift

Grip6 Belt Combo Pack Premium

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The Grip6 Belt Combo Pack Premium includes 38mm/1.5″ buckles and straps.


The Grip6 Belt Combo Pack Premium is probably the BEST GIFT you can the bloke who has everything. This Premium Combo Pack gives you the FULL Grip6 experience allowing you to customise your Grip6 belt by choosing a buckle and strap that suits your mood, mission or hair. The Forged Carbon Fibre Buckle allows you to negotiate Airport security with your pants on which allows you more time at the bar or faster pace to the gate.

Sized to fit up to 50 inch waist.

The Grip6 Belt Combo Pack Premium includes the SIX popular buckles and THREE strap colours. Forged Carbon Fibre, Olive, Honeycomb, Ninja, Gunmetal and Copper Buckles. Raven, Silver and Timber Premium Element Straps. Also included is the ridiculously useful belt Hanger so you can keep your kit sorted and options at the ready.

Why we love the Grip6 Belt Combo Pack Premium;

  1. LOW PROFILE BELT - This belt lies down flat and will not protrude out from the pants or dig into the skin.
  2. 18 BELT COMBINATIONS! - Includes 2 Classic buckles (Ninja, Gunmetal), 1 Copper, 1 Carbon Fibre buckle (Forged), 1 Craftsman buckle (Olive), 1 Conservation buckle (Honeycomb), and 3 Element straps (Raven, Silver, Timber).
  3. GRIP6 HANGER INCLUDED - Solid brushed aluminium hanger, holds up to 6 GRIP6 Belts.
  4. 100% MADE IN THE USA - GRIP6 is a provider and supporter of good local jobs.
  5. MIX & MATCH YOUR BUCKLES & STRAPS - It takes 2 seconds to mix and match. Unlike traditional leather belts, your buckle swap will not damage or dig holes into the belt.
  6. SIMPLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND COMFORTABLE BELTS - No moving parts on this belt delivers a minimalist look with extreme durability.
  7. DESIGNED WITH COMFORT IN MIND - Ultra-lightweight buckles are shaped with a slight bend for extra comfort.
  8. NO SLIPPAGE - Buckle designed as a single solid part so it doesn’t slip or need adjustment throughout the day.
  9. HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL - Buckles are laser cut from T6061 aluminium (excluding Carbon Fibre buckle). Straps are woven with military strength nylon webbing.
  10. ONLY BELT WITH NO HOLES AND NO FLAP - The tail of the belt tucks behind the buckle, providing a clean, sleek look.

Watch the videos below to see how the Grip6 belt works and how to resize the strap.